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Cariboo Emergency Flood Response Environmental Monitoring

Client Name
Dawson Road Maintenance
British Columbia

Project Description

DWB consulting Services Ltd. (DWB) was retained by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) maintenance contractor, Dawson Road Maintenance, covering both MOTI Service Areas 16 (South Cariboo) and 17 (Central Cariboo), to provide Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) services and management of the environmental aspects of road washout repairs during the 2020 freshet.

A large snowpack with a sudden melt caused severe flooding throughout the Cariboo, resulting in washouts of over 100 culverts and bridges. High rains in early July caused additional flooding and washouts. As such, DRM retained DWB to direct and coordinate stream assessments, prepare Environmental Management Plans where possible, assist with navigating the provincial and federal regulatory process, provide QEPs and Environmental Monitors, inspect sites and prepare environmental monitoring reports at construction completion for submission to regulators. In 2020 works were conducted at over 60 of the washout sites, with multiple washouts occurring simultaneously, resulting in the need for management and direction of multiple QEPs/EMs.

DWB was daily responsible for communicating with DRM and MOTI staff as needed, provide QEPs to assess washout sites and make recommendations for potential repair works, provide QEPs/EMs to monitor repair works and provide recommendations and directions to help DRM maintain compliance with environmental regulatory requirements, and prepare completion reports when works were done.

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Flood Reponses
  • Environmental Regulatory Permitting

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