DWB has a long history in supporting resource extraction projects, from aggregate pits to larger-scale mining developments throughout BC.

Our experienced team has provided a wide range of services to the mining industry, in all stages, from exploration through to mine closure. Our team has a fundamental understanding of the environmental assessment and Mines Act permitting processes applicable to these projects.

Exploration and Resource Definition

  • Environmental pre-disturbance assessment and planning
  • Exploration permitting and regulatory liaison
  • Access planning and design, road and heli-supported
  • Deactivation planning and site remediation


  • Environmental Assessment, including baseline assessment and impact assessment
  • Mine development regulatory Permitting and liaison
  • Road access and stream crossing layout and design
  • Reclamation planning and end landscape design


  • Forestry Layout
  • Engineering services
  • Environmental management planning, auditing, monitoring and response
  • Project management and construction supervision
  • Spill Response and Remediation


  • Operational environmental management planning, auditing, monitoring and response
  • Professional support services


  • Remediation/deactivation planning
  • Monitoring