DWB’s safety programs are built on the philosophy that safety is fundamental, and each employee has a right to work safely as well as a responsibility to embody the philosophy of safety leadership.

DWB’s leadership works to empower reporting employees to have open communication with respect to training for new tasks and assignments, identification of potential hazards, and refusal of unsafe work. A focus on ongoing and continuous improvement is essential to our business to achieve the high-quality services we have set as a goal for our company, including our comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Program (OHSP)

DWB has an excellent safety record

We are registered as a ‘Safe Certified Company’ with the BC Forest Safety Council, and we are COR Certified in both BC and Alberta.  DWB is registered and maintains standing with a number of subcontracting and supplier compliance management firms, including Avetta, ISN, and ComplyWorks.

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