The DWB forestry department specializes in pre-harvest timber development, comprehensive planning services, and a wide variety of silviculture services.

Our multi-phase timber development services include boundary location and survey, road location and survey, road design, ecological field data collection, timber valuations, timber cruising, site plan preparation, road permit application, cutting permit applications, appraisals, visual impact assessments, license to cut applications, and harvest planning. Combined with additional services from the engineering, environmental, and geomatics departments, DWB is able to provide complete multi-phase timber development services to our clients. Our accredited silviculture surveyors remain current through ongoing professional training. DWB’s skilled staff can satisfy a wide range of clients’ requirements and create effective solutions for custom silviculture projects.

DWB is capable of providing a variety of forestry and resource services. The company has extensive knowledge and expertise in all forms of pre-harvest development and ecological data collection. This includes conventional and cable clear-cut systems, and conventional selection systems. In addition, DWB has completed a wide variety of block shapes and sizes ranging from less than 1 ha patches to 1000 ha aggregates while meeting regulatory high-level plan objectives and requirements. DWB Geomatics’ Department complements these services, and also produces high-quality geographic information systems (GIS) products for external clients and government agencies.

Planning and Inventory

  • Forest Stewardship Plans
  • Landscape unit plans
  • Total chance plans
  • Woodlot licence plans
  • Sustainable forest management plans
  • Woodlot inventories
  • Vegetation resource inventory plots
  • Aerial drone timber reconnaissance
  • GIS analysis using ArcGIS, FME, Microstation

Timber Development

  • Road and block reconnaissance
  • Road location, survey & design
  • Block boundary location
  • GPS traversing
  • Timber cruising & compilation
  • Ecological delineation & site plan data collection
  • Forest health assessments
  • Species at risk assessments
  • Visual impact assessments
  • Windthrow risk assessments
  • Timber appraisal and valuation
  • Site plans
  • Road permit & cutting permit applications
  • Timber harvest & road construction supervision
  • Licence to cut

Silviculture and Other

  • Silviculture surveys
  • Wildlife/danger tree assessment
  • Recreational plans
  • Wildfire rehabilitation prescriptions