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North Monias Orphan Site Reclamation

Client Name
BC Oil and Gas Commission
British Columbia
Oil and Gas

Project Description

In 2020, DWB and members of the West Moberly – DWB Consulting Services Ltd Limited Partnership (WM-DWB LP), initiated reclamation activities for five abandoned and orphaned well sites, located southwest of Fort St. John. The initial reconnaissance of the sites was conducted in 2020, which included evaluation of sites surface substrates, stockpiled soils and coarse woody debris, vegetation cover, invasive plants and wildlife activity, as well as characterize adjacent undisturbed ecosystems (i.e., site series identification). In addition, a drone survey was completed at two of the sites to collect ortho photography and complete a ground survey (i.e., point cloud collection; relative accuracy), which was then used to create a digital elevation model and delineate vegetation cover and site features. Upon completion of the site reconnaissance, reclamation plans were developed for the sites, which included an environmental overview, end land-use objectives, details regarding site preparation (e.g., soil decompaction), revegetation plans, erosion and sediment control, invasive plant management, reclamation inspection requirements, and long-term monitoring. Vegetative propagule collection of over 5,000 balsam poplar and willow cuttings and earthworks were completed in winter 2021. Re-vegetation, reclamation inspections and monitoring of the sites is planned for completion in the summer/fall of 2021 and 2022.

Environmental Services

  • Reclamation Planning
  • Revegetation

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