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Site C - Remedial Works Phase 2

Client Name
PCL Construction Westcost Inc
British Columbia
Power and Dams Transportation Municipal

Project Description

DWB Consulting Services Ltd. (DWB) prepared Environmental Protection Plans (EPPs) for the decommissioning, demolition, and reclamation of 12 parcels in preparation for filling of the Site C reservoir. Subject sites included small urban residential lots, large rural parcels with mixed land use and a water gauging station on the Peace River. Site assessment were conducted by Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEP) to survey the sites for environmentally sensitive features, areas of potential soil contamination, unidentified structures, and hazardous waste materials. Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) were prepared for 6 properties where areas of potential contamination (APECs) were identified in the site assessment. Soil sampling and was conducted at three properties and 2 properties were found to have contaminated soils exceeding the Contaminated Sites Regulation standards. Hazardous building materials assessments were completed concurrently by a third party and were included in the EPPs.

The EPPs met the requirements of the Site C Construction Environmental Management Plan. Each EPP included a detailed hazardous Waste Management Plan which addressed permitting, handling, containment, and disposal of hazardous waste and contaminated soil. Contaminated Site Management Plans in the EPPs provided mitigation measures to manage areas of known or suspected contamination when encountered during construction. Pollution containment, contaminated soil handling, soil and water sampling and site remediation were addressed. Management plans for surface water and groundwater protection were also included in each EPP with groundwater well decommissioning required at most sites. Site Plans and environmental features maps were provided in all EPPs.

Demolition at 9 of the sites proceeded concurrently from July to September 2020 with DWB conducting full-time environmental monitoring for the project. Sites were considered to be of moderate to high environmental risk based on the presence of hazardous building materials, hazardous waste, and contaminated soil in addition to the presence of sensitive environmental features. DWB coordinated environmental services with the Contractor and their subcontractors to ensure EPP compliance and on-schedule delivery of the multi-site project with a short construction timeline. The Contractor’s abatement of hazardous building materials, excavation of contaminated soil, containment and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste was closely monitored to ensure compliance with the EPP and regulations. Following the excavation of contaminated soil, DWB’s Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) conducted soil sampling to characterize material for disposal, completed confirmatory testing of remediated areas and prepared soil investigation reports. Environmental Completion Reports containing all manifests and waste disposal records were prepared for all sites.

Environmental Services

  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Soil & Water Analytical Results Summary
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Contaminated Soil Management and Disposal
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Protection Plans
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Regulatory Permitting

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