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Willow River Highway 97 Bridge Replacement

Client Name
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
British Columbia

Project Description

DWB was retained by MOTI to provide environmental services for the replacement of the single lane bridge on Willow River with a two-lane bridge on a new alignment, and extensive riprap armouring upstream and downstream of the crossing. DWB has been involved with this site since repairs to the jump span in 2009. With the more recent replacement project, DWB updated the Aquatic and Terrestrial Assessment, from the original assessment completed in 2011, including an assessment of fish habitat, invasive plants, amphibian observations and potential habitats, and bird nest surveys. DWB completed an additional spawning survey and summary letter for fall-spawning chinook salmon and mountain whitefish at the request of DFO, to determine potential impacts of pile driving and the construction of access berms on potential incubating eggs during the winter months. DWB developed an EMP and hydrotechnical design for the tender package, and submitted all environmental permitting. As works were determined to result in serious harm to fish, DWB assessed potential offsetting opportunities near the project site. It was determined project impacts could not be fully mitigated, and therefore offset measures were required. DWB’s engineering department completed a survey and site plan at Hay Creek for habitat offsetting, including riparian planting and woody revetments and a Fish Habitat Offsetting Plan and Effectiveness Monitoring Plan have been developed, as part of the Authorization.

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Habitat Off-setting
  • Environmental Regulatory Permitting

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