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Our Mission...

"Our mission is to provide high quality professional and technical services that will facilitate development and advancement of our clients, local economy, communities, employees and company. We will ensure ethical conduct, accuracy, and innovative thinking are fundamental to all our activities."



Featured Project...

John Hart Highway 97 Bennett to Link Creek Project

This project involved the planning, design and construction of 14km of new/realigned highway including two new double lane bridges over the Pine River, two smaller concrete slab bridges and a fish-passable closed bottom culvert.


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Welcome to DWB!

We are a dynamic, multidisciplinary consulting firm that specializes in offering a full suite of value-added engineering, environmental and forestry services to our clients.

Established in 1990, DWB Consulting Services Ltd (DWB) has grown from a small family-run business to a multifaceted company with operations throughout Northern British Columbia, including Prince George, Lac La Hache, Burns Lake, and Chetwynd.

DWB has established a strong reputation for our ability to develop cost effective solutions to complex engineering, environmental, and forestry issues. Any project which we accept is considered within the context of our interdisciplinary team of seasoned professionals, technical experts and qualified field staff. This approach ensures that solutions are practical, environmentally sound, operationally feasible and economical.




About Us

Our professional team includes Professional Engineers (PEng), Professional Biologists (RPBio), Professional Agrologists (PAg), Professional Foresters (RPF), and Professionals in Sediment/Erosion Control (CPESC). We are dynamic, and continually diversifying and expanding in order to better meet growing demands of our clients. We maintain a strong roster of full-time and seasonal staff, averaging 70–120 employees between our various offices.

We have an outstanding safety record and are Safe Company Certified and ISNetworld Safety Certified. Please click here for more information on our Safety program.


Committed to Quality

DWB's quality objective is to achieve complete client satisfaction through provision of high quality professional and technical services. DWB has an unwavering adherence to quality and pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of work. Project managers provide in-house professional review of all products prior to client submission and ensure that employees are adequately trained to perform any tasks required.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our work force and regularly send staff to upgrade their training. Due to the wide array of clients and industries within which we work, we are able to provide services under a variety of standards and specifications.


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